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Do you want to maintain a straight, healthy, and beautiful smile for a lifetime? If so, then you need to wear your retainer regularly. Your retainer can keep your teeth in their correct positions so you can maintain the smile of your dreams. However, if you don’t take good care of your retainer, it won’t give you the results you need. So, please do all you can to keep your retainer in tip-top shape. To help you do so, Dr. Travis Fiegle & Katie Solomon has some recommendations.

The first recommendation is to clean your retainer when you scrub your smile, which should be twice a day. You can clean your retainer by scrubbing it with clear antibacterial soap or by soaking it in denture cleaner. To make the cleaner solution, fill a cup with warm water and add the cleanser. Then, add the retainer and let it soak for the recommended amount of time. When it is done soaking, run it under water.

Our second recommendation is to keep your retainer in a safe place. All you need to do is put it in its little retainer box when you take it out of your mouth. Once it’s secure in its container, put the container in a place that is safe and memorable, like your bathroom cupboard, bathroom drawer, or bedside table.

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