If you have crooked or crowded teeth or a misaligned bite, braces may be necessary. Braces will straighten your teeth, giving you a healthier, more attractive smile. When your teeth are straight and your bite is aligned, your teeth will be easier to care for. If you are hesitant about wearing braces as an adult, ask Dr. Travis about clear braces in Beaufort, or Bluffton, South Carolina.

We want you to have a healthy, radiant smile, but we know that traditional braces can mar the appearance of your smile. Now you can straighten your teeth discretely. Some people may not even realize that you are straightening your teeth. Instead of using the traditional metal brackets, you may elect to wear the more aesthetic clear braces. Clear braces are tooth-colored, ceramic brackets that will blend with the shade of your teeth. Treatment time with clear braces is comparable to that of traditional braces. The time will vary from patient to patient, but generally, braces are worn from one to three years. Clear braces will give you the same excellent results as traditional braces.

We invite you to contact Winning Orthodontic Smiles today to learn if clear braces are for you and to schedule a visit with our orthodontists.