We love showing off our wonderful patients’ before and offer photos! You will quickly see why our patients come back to Dr. Travis, Dr.Katie and Dr. Gavin generation after generation for all of their orthodontic needs! We encourage you to contact Winning Orthodontic Smiles today to learn more and to schedule an appointment with our orthodontists.

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“Our dentist suggested that we should get braces. We enjoyed the experiences. We were always welcomed with a smile. Everyone is welcoming and fun to be around. And as a result our smile is MUCH prettier!”

Savannah and Caitlin

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“I’ve been told many times by my dentist that I need braces. However, I just couldn’t afford it. But, after taking a long look in the mirror at my cross bite; I decided that I had to do something about it. So, here I am today with the most beautiful smile in the world thanks to Dr. Burris, Dr. Travis, Dr. Katie, Dr. Gavin and their staff! They are truly amazing at their job!”


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“Seeing Dr. Burris, Dr. Fiegle and Dr. Katie has really been a life changing experience! I had to undergo jaw surgery for a class III malocclusion and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Dr. Burris, Dr. Fiegle, Dr. Katie and the staff have been a blessing to me and I appreciate everyone so much. Winning Orthodontic Smiles is truly the best in town!!”


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