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For years, people have considered orthodontics to be a rite of passage for older children and teenages. However, over the years, more and more adults have been opting to straighten their smile with traditional braces, or other orthodontic procedures.

If you are considering orthodontics, there are some issues about which you should think before moving ahead. Many adults have had resounding success straightening their teeth, so you should certainly discuss your options with your orthodontist, and you should talk about the issues that might be factors in your treatment.

As an adult, your jaw has stopped growing, and has also become stronger and harder. This may mean that it will take your braces longer to straighten your teeth than it might with a younger person. As an adult, you may have had gingivitis, infections or lost bone due to age, and that might not permit enough blood to flow between the roots of your teeth.

If you have an overbite, teeth may need to be removed in order for orthodontics to work. If you have had teeth extracted over the years, the spaces left behind may not be suitable places for your teeth as your orthodontics shift them into their new positions. There are also health issues unique to adults that may pose challenges for orthodontic work.

None of this means that you should not get braces or have another orthodontic procedure. What is does mean is that as an adult, you and your orthodontist need to work closely together to implement the best course of treatment for you.

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