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Invisalign® continues to grow in popularity as an effective way for adults to correct minor deviations in the alignment of their teeth. Not only can it provide you with a more attractive smile the realignment can also reduce your chances of suffering dental attrition and dental fractures in the future. This requires that you switch to a new set of clear plastic aligners every two weeks. Each time you do this it will gradually stretch the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth.

Once the alignment of your teeth has been fully corrected there will still be a minor amount of tension lingering in your dental sockets. If it’s not mitigated in some way, it could cause your teeth to relapse out of their new alignment. This often calls for Drs. Travis Fiegle & Katie Solomon to fit you for a clear plastic retainer. This will be made from a soft, clear plastic material that is very similar to Invisalign®.

You will need to wear the retainer in your mouth during the times Drs. Travis Fiegle & Katie Solomon prescribes. Cleaning and maintaining your clear plastic retainer each day will keep the total amount of time you need to use it to the bare minimum.

You can drink normally while the clear plastic retainer is in your mouth. However, you will need to take it out when you’re eating. When you’re not wearing the clear plastic aligner you should keep it in the case provided.

It can help to rinse the retainer to remove any plaque and food material every time you take it out. The clear plastic retainer should be soaked each night in a mixture of cold water and antiseptic mouthwash. Lightly brushing the retainer with a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste can also help remove any remaining plaque buildup. Just keep in mind that brushing abrasive toothpaste could dull the plastic material making it more noticeable while they’re in your mouth.

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