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It can be intimidating to get braces to straighten your teeth or your children’s teeth. Here at Winning Orthodontic Smiles in Beaufort, South Carolina, we strive to make your orthodontic treatment as comfortable as possible. Here’s what you can expect during your treatment while getting braces.

At your first visit, our orthodontists, Drs. Travis Fiegle & Katie Solomon will check your teeth to assess the alignment issues and take detailed impressions to make models of your teeth. By studying the models, they will form a plan of treatment for aligning your teeth.

At a follow-up visit, permanent braces will be attached to your teeth and adjusted to begin aligning your teeth. There may be some initial discomfort or pain in the first phases of treatment, but it should pass soon.

After the initial installation of the braces, you will need to come in once every few weeks for 18-24 months to adjustment your teeth on track to becoming straight. These visits will help our orthodontist assess the progress of your treatment and make necessary adjustments.

Straightening your teeth will have a huge impact on your quality of life. At the end of treatment, you’ll have a beautiful, strong smile you can be proud of. So, contact us today to schedule your consultation.