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Did you know that malocclusions are one of the most common disorders that orthodontic treatments are intended to fix? Malocclusions are bad bites that happen when teeth are out of position and alignment. If left untreated, malocclusions can lead to chipped and cracked teeth, as well as worn tooth enamel and damaged gums. When determining which form of orthodontic treatment is best for your smile and your oral health care needs, it is important to determine which malocclusions are affecting your smile.

Malocclusions often occur with the incisors, which are the front teeth in our mouths. Typical forms of malocclusion that can occur with the incisors includes misplaced midlines, underbites (also called bulldog teeth), overbites (also called buck teeth and upper protrusions), deep bites, (also called closed bites), and open bites.

Various other forms of malocclusions can occur within your mouth that may also require orthodontic care. This includes spacing issues, including irregular gaps between teeth. Orthodontic treatments can also be used for malocclusions that result in teeth popping above the gumline in the wrong positions, called transposition malocclusions, as well as jaw misalignments called crossbites.

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