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Lingual braces are growing in popularity with teens as well as adults. The brackets of your lingual braces attach to the backside of your teeth making them virtually invisible to the casual observer. Your braces represent a serious investment in improving the alignment of your teeth.

Your braces can be damaged by certain activities, foods and lifestyle choices. Damage to your braces reduces their effectiveness and will increase the amount of time you have to wear them.

Certain foods and chewing gum can damage your braces. The brackets are attached to your teeth with a resin adhesive. Sticky foods can get stuck which can bend wires loosen bands or cause a bracket to come loose. At the same time you need to try to avoid crunchy foods and hard candy. This also extends to bad habits like chewing on hard objects like things like pencils, pens and ice.

Keep your orthodontic wax on hand in case something does come loose.

Because the hardware from your braces is located inside your mouth it can sometimes make them more challenging to clean. Many people find that water jets, interdental brushes and floss threaders help you clean food particles and remove plaque from some of the hard to reach places.

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