Three Different Retainer Options That Can Help Maintain Your New Smile

Having your braces progressively adjusted was just the first step in the process of achieving and maintaining your new smile. Your teeth are held in their sockets by strong periodontal ligaments. During your adjustment sessions, they were stretched and pulled into a new position. Even after your braces have been removed, there will still be… Read more »

Invisalign Can Improve Your Smile in Weeks

Invisalign is a popular method for adults with minor alignment issues is to achieve the smooth even smile they have always wanted. The clear plastic aligners make it hard for the casual observer to even notice. At the initial consultation Dr. will examine your mouth. This might also include taking some X-rays. This provides an… Read more »

Your New Braces Require Daily Care and Cleaning

Dr. installed your new braces in your mouth with the intention that they would address and realign your teeth in the shortest amount of time possible. Should your teeth develop areas of tooth decay, or if any part of your braces are bent, loosened or damaged, it will likely increase the total amount of time… Read more »

Having Braces Can Help Multiple Alignment Issues

Having Dr. install braces on your child’s teeth can address a wide variety of problems, to give them a more appealing smile and a more functional, healthy mouth that can last a lifetime. It’s not unheard of for a child’s permanent teeth to come in out of alignment. Beyond the cosmetic improvements, having braces installed… Read more »

Why Invisalign®

Do you wish your smile was more attractive? A straight smile is not only gorgeous and can boost your self-confidence, but it can also improve the health of your mouth and teeth. Braces are a great way to achieve a straight smile, but they can be uncomfortable and may interfere with your lifestyle. Fortunately, there… Read more »

Smile-Care Tips Following the Removal of Braces

If you want your orthodontic treatment in , , to be worth your time and money, it’s best to care for your smile after your braces have been removed. If you don’t care for your smile, there is a high chance that your teeth will move back into their improper positions and you may even… Read more »

The Appliance-Harming Foods to Avoid When Aligning Your Smile

As you align your smile, it’s important to do all you can to have the best results possible, and one of those things is having a proper diet. If you have the proper diet, your appliance will remain in tip-top shape and your treatment time will stay on track. If you don’t have the proper… Read more »

The Benefits of Tongue Scrapers

Do you ever get tired of brushing your tongue with your toothbrush after you’ve scrubbed your teeth? If so, our team has the perfect solution for you: a tongue scraper! Tongue scrapers in , , are beneficial products that can help you in many ways. They can: -Help with bad breath: No one wants bad… Read more »

How Invisalign Can Help You

There are many reasons an adult might want to correct their smile. Bruxism, TMJ, and other problems can occur from not having proper aligned teeth. That is why more people are turning to orthodontic treatment than ever before. However, as an adult, more people are looking for discreet options. That is why here at we… Read more »

What Not to Eat When You Have Braces

Are you currently aligning your smile with braces? If so, it’s important to do everything you can to get the best results possible, and one of those things is having a proper diet. There are many different types of food in this world that can harm your orthodontic appliance, break the wires and brackets, and… Read more »