Smile For A Lifetime Foundation


The "Smile for a Lifetime" foundation is an international nonprofit organization that provides orthodontic care and free braces to underserved children with financial challenges and special orthodontic needs. To win your own "Smile for a Lifetime" Scholarship please download an application from this page.

Smile for A Lifetime Application

Meet our Smile for a Lifetime scholarship Winners 

Kayla Stewart- November 2009 scholarship winner

  • wanted help with her "wretched teeth"
  • "vivacious, excellent student at Shanklin Elementary School. "
  • on the Honor Roll and a member of the junior Beta club.
  • " helpful to fellow students"
  • "beautiful person on the inside"
  • "model student leader"
  • "inspirational student" 

 An excellent student deserves an excellent smile ! We hope you enjoy it !


Caroline Gant - November 2009 scholarship winner

Caroline's father died suddenly nine years ago and left his family without insurance or any benefits. She and her mother have struggled to make ends meet. Caroline is a conscientious student, volunteers for several church ministries, and is a much sought after babysitter.

  • " big heart, cares for people"
  • "give my highest recommendations"
  • "wakes up early and works for a neighbor before she goes to school"
  • "works for her piano lessons"
  • "has the highest level of integrity" 

 You are an outstanding winner, Caroline ! 

Caleb Montejo- October 2010 scholarship winner
Caleb is the oldest of seven children and has been very helpful with his siblings. After his baby brother died, there was no money left for braces. He plays guitar and bass for his church and is described in his reference letter as 'good morals" and "serves in his church".

Welcome Caleb, as our scholarship winner !


Allie Garcia- October 2010 scholarship winner
She lost her parents and was adopted at the age of 5 years old from a Bulgarian orphanage. Her goal in life is to help needy children, orphans, and the homeless. Her crooked teeth has caused speech difficulty but that has not stopped her from being an optimist. She loves to dance, does volunteer work, and is described as a "beautiful person inside and out".

Welcome Allie ! We look forward to creating a beautiful smile for you. 

Gabriel Reyes- February 2010 scholarship winner

He is a loving big brother to his siblings, active in his church, and a member of Pathfinders. Conscientious, hardworking with tons of energy and personality. We look forward to giving this young man a winning smile to match his winning personality.


Frisco Hill- February 2010 scholarship winner

Frisco was a valedictorian at Beaufort High School. His goal is "to become an architect and help design low cost housing to assist people to have quality home." Frisco has been on  mission trips and applied for the orthodontic scholarship to "increase my self-esteem and confidence." 
  • "works diligently"
  • "devoted to family and friends"
  • "high integrity"
  • "no doubt he will succeed for he is a leader and upright young man"

Keep up the great work, Frisco ! We hope you enjoy your new smile!


Austin Strader- June 2010 scholarship winner
Austin helps his parents with his three siblings, raises and cares for chickens and is described as responsible with a great work ethic. His positive attitude, gentle demeanor, and infectious smile make him an asset to the community. 
  • "indomitable personality"
  • "high character"
  • "a leader"
  • "has begun to hide his teeth"

Congratulations Austin ! Your new smile will soon match your personal charm.


Shaniqua Segar- June 2010 scholarship winner

Shaniqua is a very talented young woman who has been "teased about her teeth for many years". Unwilling to let teasing stop her, she enjoys singing, and acting despite her crooked teeth! 

  • "very talented" 
  • "very friendly"
  • "hard worker"
  • "respectful and polite"

Congratulations Shaniqua- A beautiful smile will help you with your musical career !



Kyshon Hipp - February 2011 scholarship Winner

  • loves football
  • outstanding student
  • "energetic, bright, and humorous"
  • "gets along well with others"
  • good team player
  • Beaufort North All-Star football team
  • "loves to laugh and have fun"

Welcome Kyshon. We look forward to creating a beautiful smile for you.


Ryan Miller- February 2011 scholarship Winner

  • outgoing personality
  • "a joy to be around"
  • junior teacher's assistant
  • "bright and responsible"
  • "never fails to make you smile"
  • participates in soccer and stacking competitions
  • maintains high grades
  • "her smile reflects an inner beauty"
  • her goal is to become a singer

 Welcome to Winning Orthodontic Smiles, Ryan. We know your new smile will match your inner beauty! 


Emalee Payne - June 2011 scholarship winner

  • active in her church
  • honor roll at Shell point elementary school
  • girl scouts
  • YMCA swim team
  • PALS soccer
  • "well-mannered and friendly"
  • "her smile brightens up a room"

 Welcome Emalee. We are proud of you and look forward to creating a beautiful smile for you.


"Niya" Bridges- June 2011 scholarship winner

  • active in her church
  • "wonderful student" at Lady's Island middle school
  • "respectful and studious"
  • youth choir
  • drill team
  • "bright and hopeful disposition"
  • "an inspiration to others"

We are excited to spend more time with you Niya ! Congratulations on winning and we are excited to see the beautiful final smile!

Michael Wayne Houston- October 2011 scholarship winner

  • Beaufort High, 11th grade
  • outstanding student and plays the violin
  • goal is to become a minister
  • speaks both english and spanish
  • "well-behaved,polite,respectful"
  • "extremely outgoing with an inquisitive personality"
  • "exceptionally bright and well liked"

 Welcome to our office Michael ! We look forward into seeing you at the office! Congrats !

 Lisa Larionova- October 2011 scholarship winner

  • "model student"
  • "kind,helpful,and fun"
  • "Exceptional artist"
  • straight "A" student
  • "infectious smile"

Congratulations Lisa for winning the October,2011, Smile For A Lifetime Scholarship. We look forward to creating a beautiful smile for you!


Hailey "Lucy" Prince - February 2012 scholarship winner

  • honor roll student all six years at Robert Smalls Middle School
  • hard working
  • independent
  • has a passion to have an amazing future

Congratulations Lucy. We look forward to your new smile!


Justin Shaw- February 2012 scholarship winner

  • "kind and compassionate"
  • "a leader"
  • participated in several youth ministries
  • "Renaissance" person
  • co-captain lacrosse team
  • top 3% of his senior class at Hilton Head High

Nelida Montejo- February 2012 scholarship winner

  • plays bass and guitar at church and nursing homes
  • dance and drama team
  • eager to help others
  • "an asset to our community"


Bradford"Brad" Johnston- October 2012 scholarship winner

  • Smart Varnville Elementary 4th grader
  • excited about getting his braces
  • looks forward to nice straight teeth, a corrected bite, and being able to pronounce words more clearly.

Welcome to our "Winning Orthodontic Smiles" family Brad! We are happy to have you!


Alyssa "Jordan" Lightsey- October 2012 scholarship winner

  • 8th grade at Agape Christian Academy, Lobeco
  • "conscientious, well behaved, and athentive"
  • "courteous and poised"
  • dancer and singer in school productions
  • sense of humor

We hope to hear you sing along with the sound of Dr.Burris' banjo and your future straight smile!